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Level Even Steven Level 'Even Steven' details and comments User 'Crimsoni' profile Download level 'Even Steven' Review average 3.75, ranked 49th

"Now this is a level so even that i decided to name it Even Steven! In Base Defence this map provides almost identical factory positioning and shelter.

This level was done alredy in 2008, but I didn't manage to finish it up before. The yellow material in the middle used to be sand, but since it is surrounded by indestructible walls, it would have been too easy to be lame and burrow inside the sand. It has now been replaced with mud.

EDIT: I made some lights to be on the foreground, and it messed up a few edges of the lights, but they'll do."

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3.8 stars
Current reviews average: 3.8
4 vote(s)
Ranked 49th.

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Public reviews


MustD1e 2010-07-24 19:13:06 User has reviewed this level worth 3.5 / 5.0

Bad lighting from projectors. Distance for lighting 0.99... And to make transparent.
Comment modified by user MustD1e at 24.07.2010 19:16

JTS 2010-07-27 20:55:35 User has reviewed this level worth 3.5 / 5.0

Pikselintarkkaa työtä, jotenkin nostalgiapläjäyksiä aiheuttava :) Pelattavuus kunnossa. Ainut että valaistukseen olisi voinut lisätä läpinäkyvyyttä reilusti, ja blendata paremmin vasemmalla ylhäällä olevan valon loppumisen, mutta ehkä tälläisenä aiheuttaa tosiaan enempi sitä wanhanajan tuntua.