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07.04 Highland
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Level The Land Of The Pink Resource Level 'The Land Of The Pink Resource' details and comments User 'Crimsoni' profile Download level 'The Land Of The Pink Resource' Review average 3.62, ranked 62th

"The Wings Arms Co. has found a new land, filled with vast veins of this miraculous pink substance. The scientists and tech personell of Wings Arms Co. believe that the substance could be used to develop even more powerful weapons and ships for the world.

The map ended up to be not as cool as I intended, but I guess it'll fit in visually with my prior levels. I loaned many structures and objects from Weaponry, bases in this map are also found under the houses.

NOTE: Working and transporting of this unknown pink substance requires a lot of engine power, so the helicopters', tractors' and drills' engines are highly over tuned and might explode any time. "

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3.6 stars
Current reviews average: 3.6
4 vote(s)
Ranked 62th.

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JTS 2010-07-27 20:56:58 User has reviewed this level worth 3.5 / 5.0

Käytännössä samat sanat kuin Even Steveniin. Tosin kujamaisempi toteutus voi aiheuttaa kenties kivaa (tai sitten ei niin kivaa) värinää nettipelissä.
Comment modified by user JTS at 27.07.2010 20:57