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07.04 Highland
07.04 Highland
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Level Minimap 101 Level 'Minimap 101' details and comments User 'MustD1e' profile Download level 'Minimap 101' Review average 4.00, ranked 30th

"I liked 5 beautiful minimaps Raptor997
I decided to continue its work and create own minimap, I hope that he will create else dozens or hundreds of beautiful minimaps
Waiting minimaps 6-100
Dedicated to Raptor997

24/11/09 Changed bases and flags positions"

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4 stars
Current reviews average: 4
9 vote(s)
Ranked 30th.

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Public reviews


Crimsoni 2009-11-23 15:33:12 User has reviewed this level worth 4.0 / 5.0

:D Great description.

+ Visual outlook
+ Tunnel layout playable for small amount of ships and pilots

- Background too light to be played with
- Uneven Base Defence setting

I normally don't play with backgrounds, but if i would, this map would have too light bg, dark brown would work better.

Right side team's factory spawns to the middle, making it vulnerable to attacks from upper and lower side, while left side's factory is at the bottom of the level in a better position.

However, great small map for lms. I will put this on Tenavaklubi's playlist!
Comment modified by user Crimsoni at 23.11.2009 16:58

JTS 2010-03-22 01:28:00 User has reviewed this level worth 4.0 / 5.0

Seems great, truly a map worth its name ;)

One problem, it seems that you can spawn inside non-destroyable ground, below the right weapondock... As it was exactly the case what happened to me when I first played this map, no way out there other than destroying yourself :|